Digital & Branding Designer

Graphic Collage Poster: Eclectic

Experimenting with both figurative and graphic abstract forms to translate and interpret a descriptor with analog and digital tools. The descriptor in this case was "round".

Woodblock Print: Space Materialism

The idea was to create 2D sculptures which talks about “site/non-site” as a concept, where the print becomes an abstract concept of a space that one can’t physically visit or experience. 

Typography Poster Series

A suite of three posters announcing a lecture series entitled The Changing Face of Typographic Design. Each poster showcases a typeface of consequence; each typeface exemplifies an era of importance. The suite displays as a historical series. The progression of elements from one poster to another and the posters’ influence on the whole is to be considered. I chose to showcase Adrian Frutiger's typefaces (Univers, Frutiger & Avenir).

Hybrid Identity Mark Design

This project explores the process of mark making by merging a pair of distinctly different entities and creating new logos. 

The brands that I chose were (A) Chase Bank and (B) Nike, Inc.


The three possibilities of this merger could be: 50% (A) and 50% (B), 70% (A) and 30% (B), 70% (B) and 30% (A)