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Graphic Collage Poster: Eclectic

Experimenting with both figurative and graphic abstract forms to translate and interpret a descriptor with analog and digital tools. The descriptor in this case was "round".

Woodblock Print: Space Materialism

The idea was to create 2D sculptures which talks about “site/non-site” as a concept, where the print becomes an abstract concept of a space that one can’t physically visit or experience. 

Typography Poster Series

A suite of three posters announcing a lecture series entitled The Changing Face of Typographic Design. Each poster showcases a typeface of consequence; each typeface exemplifies an era of importance. The suite displays as a historical series. The progression of elements from one poster to another and the posters’ influence on the whole is to be considered. I chose to showcase Adrian Frutiger's typefaces (Univers, Frutiger & Avenir).

Hybrid Identity Mark Design

This project explores the process of mark making by merging a pair of distinctly different entities and creating new logos. 

The brands that I chose were (A) Chase Bank and (B) Nike, Inc.


The three possibilities of this merger could be: 50% (A) and 50% (B), 70% (A) and 30% (B), 70% (B) and 30% (A)

Jazz Event Poster Design 

A jazz event poster I designed for the musician Louis Armstrong, This was created with a mixture of digital and handmade collage images developed by dying paper as well as the use of scanned hand written typography.

Nati Festival: Creative Project Proposal

At the Imagining Tomorrow seminar SAIC and Dutch students collaborated to address questions about design thinking and future. I worked with the Red Cross Netherlands to come up with creative solutions to bring back inspiration within the local communities where Red Cross operates in Haiti.

Infographic Design: Places & Privilege

These set of cards are meant to examine the dynamics of privilege in reference to various locations. I wanted to highlight how different places can change various types of privileges that an individual has, depending on the social dynamics within which the person is located. While privilege could be prevalent in one place, it could be eliminated completely in another. The infographics and stories will highlight that privilege can be of many kinds and it can give you an advantage in some places and none whatsoever in others.

Rise and Fall of Bollywood Handmade Posters

After a critical reading of the short paragraph story " Museum, on exactitude in Science" by Jorge Borges , an analogy for the "empire" and its rise and fall, from the reading was considered as a source to develop the project imagery. In my project I chose my metaphorical empire as Bollywood movie posters. I wanted to show how they went from beautiful handmade posters in 1920's to extremely digital and western influenced posters in the 2000's.

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