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Digital & Branding Designer

Space Materialism

woodblock prints with painted details, which plays with the idea of creating 2D sculptures which talks about “site/non-site” as a concept, where the print becomes an abstract concept of a space that one can’t physically visit or experience 


Chicago Jazz Showcase

an event poster on Louis Armstrong, created with handmade collages and typography and then digitally compiled.



Experimenting with both figurative and graphic abstract forms to translate and interpret a descriptor with analog and digital tools. 


History of Bollywood Posters

A critical reading of the short paragraph story " Museum, on exactitude in Science" by Jorge Borges was read. The metaphorical "empire" was studied. An analogy for the "empire" was considered as a source to develop the project imagery. 


Identity Mark Design

This project explores the process of mark making by merging a pair of distinctly different entities (in this case Chase and Nike) to redesign new hybrid identity marks.


History of Type

A suite of three posters announcing a lecture series entitled The Changing Face of Typographic Design. Each poster showcases a typeface of consequence; each typeface exemplifies an era of importance. The suite displays as a historical series. 


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