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Conceptual Study: Fall 2019

The goal was to research a film poster that has an appropriately ambiguous title, tag-line/quote and actor/s names. With this verbal content as my starting point, I had to find ways to visualize the text for a film poster concept in a different genre than it was in originally (say, Pretty Woman as Psychological Horror instead of Romantic Comedy).

I started by identifying a film genre that interested me, which in this case was mystery & thriller. I began my research by defining the genre, identifying typical examples, and presenting a visual deconstruction of the genre. I reviewed a number of descriptions, and looked at hundreds of examples from my genre to properly deconstruct it. 

The research guided my design decisions for how to visualize my “genre-shifted” film poster concept. I tried to creatively reimagine the genre of Downton Abbey, from a historical drama to a mystery, thriller and horror one, while still keeping the original tagline of the movie intact.

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